Historic Downtown Jackson

Historic Jackson

Founded in 1848 Jackson is Amador County’s largest City and also serves as the County Seat. From its humble beginnings as a gold rush camp, Jackson has grown to a beloved community boasting a beautiful historic downtown and a population of over 5000. Perched up in the gold country foothills, the mountains provide a backdrop to a peaceful life.

Sutter Creek

A wonderful balance of old and new, today’s Sutter Creek maintains its Gold Rush facade while catering to the wants and needs of residents as well as visitors from around the world. Sutter Creek, located in Amador County, has a population of just over 2,500. The town was incorporated February 13, 1913. Sutter Creek offers its citizens the best of all worlds from small town pride, historic sites like Knight Foundry and Miner’s Bend, world class restaurants, live theatre, as well as conveniences associated with personal services, to include shopping, excellent schools and a multitude of opportunities for community involvement.

Entrance to charming Sutter Creek
A weekend stroll down on the backroads of Ione


The “Castle City,” Ione offers the perfect blend of small town charm and quality living. Its quaint character and convenient location just 30 miles south east of Sacramento make it the perfect place to work, live, and play. Incorporated in 1953 and located in Amador County the Town comprises 4.7 square miles with a population of approximately 7703. Ione is known for its small-town atmosphere and its outstanding quality of life.

Pine Grove & Volcano

Pine Grove is a small living and working community on state highway 88, nestled in the foothills of Amador County, California about 8 miles up from Jackson, CA. Originally the crossroads of gold mining and logging developments, the neighborhoods of Pine Grove have developed into one of the most desirable areas to live in Amador County. You have the feel of country living while being only 10 minutes away from the hospital or your mainstream grocery stores and shopping centers.

One of the amazing scenic shots of Amador County
Scenic Hwy 88 view of Silver Lake


About 25 miles east of Jackson, up scenic State Route Hwy. 88, Pioneer is centered in Redwoods, Pines and natural beauty. Surrounded by hiking trails, skiing, camping, lakes and Sierra mountains, you’ll love the country living and serene and peaceful atmosphere.


Plymouth is known as the “gateway to the Shenandoah Valley,” which is widely considered to be the heart of California wine country. In Downtown Plymouth you’ll find a number of restaurants, the local library, the local post office, and a few B&Bs that cater to tourists visiting the 21 individual wineries that are all stared nearby. The Amador Flower Farm (a top tourist destination) and the Amador County Fairgrounds are also located here in Plymouth, helping keep this small town lively and energetic.

Beautiful Shenandoah Valley